Australian Government grants 3,000 humanitarian visas to Afghans 2021

The Australian Government today announced that an initial 3,000 humanitarian places will be allocated to Afghan nationals within Australia’s 13,750 annual programs.

In the forthcoming year, Australia will offer Afghans first priority within the humanitarian Offshore program and give them immigration preference. The 3,000 humanitarian places will be focused on Australian family members and persecuted minorities such as women and girls, young, Hazara, etc.

This types p[rograme that offers by each country helps the Afghans because they are not safe anymore in Afghanistan or the person who has worked with the organization now feels danger in the homeland country.

It will not be an easy process for each country, now we know that Airport in Kabul is not normal, the was crowded with people that even don’t have any passports, but they are trying to leave Afghanistan.

Alex Hawke has said 3000 humanitarian places will guarantee that Australia continues to fulfill its continuous commitment to the Afghan people. The minister of immigration, citizenship, immigration services, and multicultural affairs added. ‘These 3,000 humanitarian slots rank among 8,500 Afghans, Australia’s existing humanitarian program has previously successfully resettled since 2013. “This initial allotment is expected to continue to expand over the course of this year,” he said.”Australia has a very successful humanitarian resettlement program for those who will come here under this program, which will help all Afghan refugees to prosper in a new life in Australia,” he said. ‘I’m continuing to communicate with Australian-Afghan community leaders in the coming weeks to identify the most vulnerable and persecuted, with a focus on family members, minorities, women, children, and other vulnerable groups.’ Read more

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The announcement of today’s support for Afghanistan reflects Australia’s record as one of the world’s most generous countries for humanitarian relocation. While the Government of Australia is operating a significant humanitarian program we remain unaltered in our approach to preventing human trafficking. Those illegally going by boat to Australia won’t be living in Australia permanently. Australia’s security and safety remained an essential priority during visa processing. All applicants must continue to meet visa criteria and character, security, and health requirements. Visit the official announcement

Please keep in mind that is only an announcement publish on the official website of The Australian Government by The Hon Alex Hawke MP the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs please don’t send any important documents to unofficial Emails or visiting the unofficial website, here we attach the official website at the end of our announcement you can always check for updates and the Eligibility an how to apply for the Australian Visa the process will be announced at the official website.

We have only summarized the announcement for all our visitors to make it easy for the readers, please keep in mind we can not help in the process or we don’t have any Contact just visit the official website to read more about the Australian Government grants 3,000 humanitarian visas to Afghans 2021.

As we know there are different counties that offer afghans Visa, because of the situation right now in Afghanistan and they are trying to help the people that they work with them or they feel they are not safe anymore in Afghanistan.

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