Do you want to be a member of the 2021 National Youth Conference team?

Do you want to be a member of the 2021 National Youth Conference team?

If yes, then we will provide these conditions for all the youth of the country so that all come together and become part of the team for holding the 2021 National Youth Conference, taking into account their views and plans. ‌
The National Youth Conference, which is held every year by the White Social Organization in collaboration with the Afghanistan Institute for Economic and Legal Studies (AELSO) and other national and international organizations on specific scientific topics, is set to be bigger and more glorious this year than last year. “Justice and nation building” should be held.

Since we believe in youth-oriented values ​​and claim the role of young people in national and international processes, we plan to hold this conference as glorious as possible to prepare the ground for the presence of all young people in the country at various levels of this national conference. .
In this regard, all young people, especially university students who are interested in gaining work experience and committed to the values ​​of satisfaction, can make the most of this exceptional opportunity as an active member of one of three committees (Research Committee, Communications and Media Committee, and Ceremony Committee) to hold Use this conference to get creative and join our team.

🔗 If you are interested, fill in the following online form and wait for our answer: ‌
📆 Deadline for accepting applications: Friday, June 25, 2021
☎️ Our colleagues and the team of the National Youth Conference will contact you as soon as possible and guide you in the following cases.

Important Note: If you would like to apply as a conference participant, this is not the forum for you, please do not fill out this form and complete the forthcoming 2021 National Youth Conference Online Participants Forum. This forum is only for those who want to join and cooperate in the committees of the National Youth Conference.
For more information on the contact numbers and e-mail address of the following address, you can call:
[email protected] | +93 (0) 795559445 | +93 (0) 793243106
Hoping for the cooperation and assistance of all aware and responsible youth! ‌

Source: Communication and Publications Department of AELSO

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