Introducing the EDX training site to strengthen the resume and how to get a certificate from this site

EDX is a free program for learning different courses. EDX was founded by MIT and Harvard University in 2012 with a $ 30 million investment. The MITX site was launched in 2011 and EDX was launched in 2012 with $ 30 million in funding from Harvard and Umayyad University with seven classes from Harvard, Umayyad, and Berkeley. This site uses faculty members from Harvard University and MIT to teach and learn. Free access means that other universities and educational institutions can easily enter this online education platform.

EDX site, along with platforms such as Coursera, uses the capacities of the best universities to offer high-level courses with a valid degree. Interestingly, institutions also use this platform. EDX courses are very diverse and cover almost all academic disciplines. And the most important of these courses are offered in the fields of computer science, management and business, engineering, social sciences, and economics. This site intends to be able to offer courses for all ages and countries in the near future. It is often not possible to talk to professors in regular courses. Of course, in courses where it is possible to participate for free, the discussion section below the videos is active and there is a possibility of questions and answers.

The EDX training site has seen positive growth in the number of courses offered by participating universities and students, and its main focus now seems to be on expanding the two sections of vocational and training skills courses. EDX is partnering with the best universities in the world to use technology for free and inclusive education. Considering that the training available on this site is offered under the supervision of world-renowned universities, it can be said that the degrees provided by this site are valid. It is interesting to know that EDX also has a mobile application and has made many of its courses available offline this way. In the courses that come with the presentation of the degree, there are usually many exercises and difficult projects that you should do to help learn the content of the course and you will also learn the training more easily.

Types of EDX site courses

  • Courses: These courses are one of the main parts of this platform and include university courses. Many of these courses are available for free.
  • Business Courses: These courses are specially designed according to the needs of companies and are produced and offered by universities. In fact, these courses are not available to everyone and are limited to the needs of companies.
  • Professional Certificate Programs: These courses train your audience in a very practical way and prepare them to enter the job market. Access to these courses is not free.
  • MicroMaster courses: These courses are not free and are offered for specialized university education.
  • Master’s Degrees on EDX: The cost of these courses is much lower than on-campus education, but these courses are long and time consuming and usually last 3 years. The output of the work will be accompanied by a valid certificate.

Who is the EDX audience?

The most important audience for EDX online training is self-study, and it also means people who are looking for specialized courses from reputable universities to benefit freely from the content of these courses. Because these courses are useful, practical, and valid, applicants for immigration and work abroad are usually the main applicants for these courses to strengthen their resumes. These courses have a wide range of topics.

EDX training format

The EDX tutorial format is a combination of video, text, and interdisciplinary questions. In terms of the availability of courses, this website is divided into the following:

  • Current: Periods that are currently active.
  • discussion: In these courses, learners engage in course dialogue and a certain amount of lessons are posted on the site each week for study.
  • Starting Soon: Courses that start within the next month.
  • Upcoming: Courses that begin in the next few months.
  • Self-Paced: Self-paced courses that you can continue learning at your own pace.
  • Archived: Courses that have been completed and archived, and all videos and text of the course have been placed for the use of those interested.

Register on the EDX website and participate in its courses

Registration on the EDX website can be done by first sending an email or a Google Account. (This link) To use your favorite courses, you must first complete your profile form and become a member by accepting the rules of the EDX website. Then you can choose and participate in the training courses you want according to the time period and prerequisites. After registering, you will be taken to the EDX Dashboard page, where all the courses you have started are available and visible.

In most courses (in the Course section) it is possible to view the courses for free without getting a degree. To do this, after entering the course page and clicking on Enroll, select the Audit this course option. At the end of some classes and in case of receiving a passing score, the certificate of completion of the course will be awarded to the participants.

What courses are available at EDX?

EDX courses are well varied and cover almost all academic disciplines. However, the most important courses available on this site are:

  • Statistics and Probability
  • Structural elements
  • Basics of computer graphics
  • Electronics and magnets
  • Circuits and electronics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Introduction to Computer and Programming

In addition to the courses offered in English, there are about 400 courses in Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, etc. that are offered with English subtitles. Adjustable video playback speeds are also of high quality. It should be noted that EDX courses are downloadable and you can also download subtitles separately. In addition, it is possible to download part of the course content and study offline in the mobile application. You can see the full list of these courses at this link.

How get the most benefits of EDX?

  • To do this, you need to know what course you are looking for and know your needs correctly, and by using the search capabilities of the EDX site, you can identify the appropriate course in terms of subject, scientific level and having appropriate topics and choose correctly. .
  • You should pay attention to choose the course that suits your level from the courses in a subject. Because many specialized EDX courses are difficult, learning it in English adds to the difficulty.
  • Some English language courses have a special accent and it takes time to finally learn the course well, so be patient and watch the videos a few times.
  • If you have been away from the course for a while, review the previous material to make the learning process easier for you.
  • Try to define the learning path for yourself and do not continue several courses together.
  • Some EDX courses have many textbooks, you do not need to read them all carefully but do not ignore them and have an overview of the topics.
  • On the first page of each course, the specifications of that course are stated, such as the number of weeks, study time, etc., and for some courses, the necessary prerequisites are also given. Also, the titles and titles of all the videos of the course can be seen on its first page. Therefore, pay attention to these items so that you can choose the right course for you.
  • The site publishes and publishes its most popular courses on its blog each year, and usually general courses on topics such as language learning, introductory programming, personal development, and health are some of the most popular edX courses. Be sure to follow its site so that by knowing the most popular courses, you can have a good choice to participate in these programs.

Advantages and disadvantages of EDX site

Topic variety, site design, search facilities, video playback settings, collaboration with the best universities, the possibility of free learning, and participation in course discussions are some of the best features of the EDX educational site. It is interesting that the courses of this site are from the top universities in the world and have a high level of science, and you will create a good record for yourself by participating in these courses and receiving a valid degree. Keep in mind, however, that EDX courses may not be the best, simplest, and most effective option in topics such as software, programming, and computer skills where many learning resources are available. So our suggestion is to participate in courses that have a high reputation or similar are not offered on other sites and are considered new.

How to receive certificates from this site with a 90% discount

EDX Educational Site grants scholarships to those students who are interested in obtaining certificates for the courses they are attending and are unable to afford. This grant includes a 90% discount on the cost of receiving the documents and only you will pay 10% of the cost of that document. In order to apply for financial aid, you must first register on the site and participate in the course of your choice. Click (ENROLL) and then go to and complete the grant application form and submit it for support. After reviewing if your request is approved. A 90% discount code will be sent to you, using which you can receive the relevant certificate by paying only 10% of the fee.

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