Kankor Afghanistan Result

The National Examinations Office, as the only authority that organizes mass examinations in the country, is always trying to use new methods and solutions, as well as considering transparency and ensuring social justice, in line with meritocracy, and strives to recruit talented and talented staff. Select the elite in public competitions and introduce them to educational, and professional institutions and relevant authorities.

During the last few years, by using information technology and presenting new plans, this administration has been able to remove the challenges in the entrance exam and by building a measured framework to ensure transparency in the national entrance exam process and other collective exams, from one side of the concern. raise the concerns of the people and the government regarding the distortion of the process, and on the other hand, secure and strengthen the credibility of the citizens, especially the young volunteers in the competitive exams, regarding the work of this department.

The National Board of Examinations always tries to make the examination process more reliable and standardized at the national level by applying modern regional and international approaches, so that in the arena of scientific and intellectual competition, not only complete justice is guaranteed, but also necessary facilities for those who are subject to the examinations—provided in this process.

There is an easy step to find your kankor Result visit the official website of The National Board of Examination and type the ID that you have received from this organization to enter in Exam press Enter and you can find your result.

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