Dubai Peace World Summit in the UAE 2022 | Fully Funded

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Dubai Peace World Summit in the UAE 2022 | Fully Funded

Dubai 2022 World Peace Summit is open to people from all over the world to attend. If your English speaking and writing skills are excellent, you do not need to provide a language certificate to participate in this session. The duration of this meeting is 4 days. From 23 to 26 February 2022 is the time of this summit. A total of 150 people from 180 countries will be invited to the summit.

The purpose of the summit is to invite inspiring young people to help them network with like-minded people and global leaders. People with different degrees from different fields of study can apply to participate in this conference. Enjoy the Dubai climate with international participants. People from all over the world gather at the Dubai Summit. This is the largest international conference of the international community with different professions.

The World Peace Chain Organization is hosting the summit. The motto of the World Summit is “Peace is not a relationship between nations. “It’s a state of mind that comes with the peace of mind.”

Where is the venue for this event?

The 2022 World Peace Summit will be held in Dubai, UAE.

What is the date of this event?

From 23 to 26 February 2022 is the time of this summit.

When is the deadline for applying to participate in this event?

The deadline for applications for the World Peace Summit is January 15, 2022. Results will be announced on January 25, 2022 (final list applicants will be interviewed on January 20 and 21, 2022)

What benefits does the World Peace Summit have for the participants?

  • This meeting will be held for 15 applicants as a full fund and for 25 people as a grant and partial fund and for 110 people at the personal expense of the applicants.
  • People who are invited as a full fund for this conference, all their expenses will be covered by this conference.
  • Note: The selection committee selects individuals based on their resumes in social leadership and social achievements to select individuals for full funding or grants or travel at personal expense.

What are the benefits?

  • Full coverage of airfare, accommodation, peace passport, certificate, meals (breakfast and lunch), conference kit, cultural evening, celebration
  • Applicants for accommodation will be presented with a peace passport, a certificate, meals (breakfast and lunch), a conference kit, a cultural evening, and a celebration.
  • All costs must be paid by the applicant.

In what areas is the World Youth Assembly held?

This event is held in the following areas:

  • Inclusive economies shape national stability
  • Digital transformation design
  • Transforming the native language of politicians
  • Protecting freedom while promoting freedom
  • Basic principles for public policy and how to use both to organize society
  • Community-based rehabilitation
  • Human rights: an endless movement, a social responsibility, an achievable goal.

What are the conditions for participating in this event?

  • It is possible for all young people from all nations between the ages of 16 and 40 to participate in this event.
  • Applicants must be open-minded, motivated, and passionate
  • Students, young professionals are recommended to attend this conference.
  • Strive to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals

What are the documents required to participate in this event?

  • Passport scan (if you do not have a passport with your ID card, you can also apply)
  • Submit a resume
  • Excellent level of English in writing and speaking

How do apply to participate in this event?

In order to register and apply to participate in this conference, all applicants are required to pay $ 30 as a fee application, and even if you are invited to the conference as a full fund person, this fee will not be refunded.

For more information about this global event and the demand for it, you can refer to the website of this organization (this link)


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