Turkey Scholarships for Afghanistan and international Students 2022

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Opportunity Description

About Turkey Scholarship

Every year, the Turkish government awards 5000 scholarships to students from all over the globe who wish to study undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral education in Turkey. This scholarship program is one of the most significant for students since it provides excellent facilities and accommodations such as housing, tuition, travel tickets, and so on.

This scholarship covered all fields of study in different universities in turkey scholarship offered a different level of education, Bachelor’s degree scholarship, Master’s degree scholarship, Ph.D. degree scholarship, and Research program for the year 2022.

Turkish Government Scholarship, which is called TÜRKİYE BURSLARI in order to acquaint foreign students with the culture and customs of Turkey, to attract talented foreign students in undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in various fields of study, including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, technical and engineering disciplines, humanities and pay completely free of charge from different countries.

Turkish government scholarships are offered in 112 top Turkish universities, which cover most of the fields of study. The conditions and documents required for the registration of Turkish scholarships in 2022 are as follows.

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Turkey Scholarships for Afghanistan and international Students  2021 - 2022
Turkey Scholarships for Afghanistan and international Students 2021 – 2022


  • Opportunity type: Fully Funded
  • Opportunity: Scholarship
  • Scholarship Level: Bachelor degree | Master degree | Ph.D. degree | Research
  • Location: Turkey
  • No of opportunity: 5000 scholarship
  • Application type: Online
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Field of Study: All Feilds | Various fields
  • Host University: 112 universities in Turkey
  • Deadline: February 20, 2022

Key Dates

  • Application Date: January 10, 2022
  • Interview: March- June 2022
  • Agreement and visa: July- August 2022
  • Travel of New Students to Turkey: Sep 10-20, 2022
  • Result announcement: July 2022
Turkey Scholarships for Afghanistan and international Students 2021 - 2022
Turkey Scholarships for Afghanistan and international Students 2021 – 2022

Eligible Countries

There are 41 Countries that are eligible for the Turkey Government Scholarship opportunities

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. The Bahamas
  4. Belgium
  5. Burundi
  6. Albania
  7. Azerbaijan
  8. Austria
  9. Czech
  10. Canada
  11. Germany
  12. Denmark
  13. Iceland
  14. Italy
  15. Ireland
  16. Japan
  17. Kyrgyzstan
  18. Iceland
  19. Japan
  20. Luxembourg
  21. Malta
  22. Macau
  23. Moldova
  24. Myanmar
  25. Nepal
  26. Norway
  27. Pakistan
  28. Portugal
  29. Sweden
  30. San Marino
  31. Micronesia
  32. Monaco
  33. Portugal
  34. Puerto Rico
  35. UAE
  36. Vietnam
  37. USA
  38. Thailand
  39. Ukraine
  40. Tanzania
  41. Turkmenistan

Field of Study

Soon the field of Study will be available here in PDF format

  1. Field of Study: Bachelor degree – available on January 10, 2022   
  2. Field of Study: Master Degree – available on January 10, 2022   
  3. Field of Study: Ph.D. degree – available on January 10, 2022   

Benefits of Turkey scholarship

  • Monthly stipend
    • Bachelor degree: 1000 Turkish Lira
    • Master degree: 1400 Turkish Lira
    • Ph.D. degree: 1800 Turkish Lira
    • Research scholarships: 4000 Turkish Lira
  • Accommodation: Monthly allowance of 750 TL to live outside the dormitory
    • Master
    • PhD
    • Research
  • Students willing to live outside the dormitory should pay their accommodation expenses
  • One year free Turkish language training along with accommodation
  • Health insurance


  • Full Tuition fee
  • Tuition at the university is completely free
  • Monthly payment of 1000 lira for an undergraduate degree
  • Monthly payment of 1400 lira for master’s degree (master)
  • Monthly payment of 1800 lira for a doctoral degree
  • Plane ticket (round trip)
  • Free health insurance
  • Free accommodation
  • One year free Turkish language training
  • Welcome and accompaniment from the airport to the university


  • The Applicant should be a member of one of this Country Show the Country List
  • The applicant should be in a good health
  • Age limit:
      • Undergraduate: under 21 years old
      • Master: under 30 years old
      • Ph.D.: 35 years
      • Research: up to 45 years old
  • The academic result should be 
    • Bachelor degree: Achieved 70% of the 100 score
    • Master degree and Ph.D. degree: achieved 75% of 100 score
  • Medical sciences, dentistry, and pharmacy applicants for undergraduate studies must achieve at least 90% of the 100 with great success at mathematics, chemistry, and biology. Read more

Required documents for Turkey Scholarship

  • Kankor Score: For Afghan Students who want to apply for a Bachelor degree
  • Passport
  • ID card * ( Tazkira for Afghan Students )
  • High school graduation certificate and transcript ( Shahadatnamah for Afghan Students )
  • Bachelor degree diploma for Master degree applicants
  • Master degree for the Ph.D. degree applicants
  •  Reference letter * if you have ( work experience  )
  • International exams such as (GRE, GMAT, DELF, YDS, YÖS) if available. (Having these documents will increase your chances of acceptance and it is not necessary to provide them)
  • Foreign language test score if available (language certificate is not required and has it will increase your chances of passing)
  • Intent letter
  • Research Proposal only for
    • Master applicants
    • Ph.D. applicants
  • Other Supporting documents ( Certificates, achievements, Diplomas )

Note: Only for Afghan Studen: if you have given your Kankor Exam you need your Kankor score, slip, or other related to kankor entrance test for applying in bachelor scholarship.

Duration of Turkish scholarship coverage:

  • Bachelor’s degree: 4 to 6 years (depending on the field of study) + 1 year of Turkish language education
  • Master’s degree: 2 years + 1 year of Turkish language teaching
  • Doctoral degree: 4 years + 1 year of Turkish language teaching

Study Proposal content

  • Working Title
  • Analysis of the Problem
  • Research Method
  • General Structure of the Study
  • Academic Contribution of the Study
  • Literature Review

How to Apply

  1. Tip: Ph.D. candidates must upload their qualifications such as diplomas and transcripts in English or Turkish. Doctoral candidates who upload their degree in any other language or apply with documents translated into English or Turkish without the approval of a notary will not be considered.
  2. Tip: Having an IELTS or TOEFL degree is not mandatory, but it is a privilege if you have one.
  3. Tip: First, the initial registration is done online and if you are accepted, you will be invited for an interview.

process of selection, the application form is only available online you will create an account on the official website with your email addras and your information there will be 7 steps in the application by entering your email you will receive a verification link you will click from your email on it, to verify your email address that is active or not. after that, you will fill out the application form and upload your photo select your field and level of study at the end to submit your application form. if you have been shortlisted they will contact you for an interview

Apply Now | Answer & Question

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