Russian Embassy: Afghan Students accepted by Russian universities 2021

Afghan Students want to Trival Russia

The Russian Embassy Announcement for Afghan students accepted by Russian universities, or want to Taraval to university as scholars please contact as soon as possible the Russian Embassy attract the contract number on the official website.

The students should have all documents that they have used in time of scholarship registration for the scholarship opportunity in the year 2021.

How to Contact Russian Embassy in Kabul?

These numbers are an official number of the Student Department of the Russian Embassy please contact them and pride the document that you’re already eligible for trivial Russia.


  • +93202500177
  • +9320250013
  • +93798023793

Visa Opportunities

Above are two opportunities that the Candian Country and Australia country announced that the accept Afghan people to travel in the country because of the situation of Afghanistan. but it already has the eligibility process for who can travel which documents should the traveler provide to be eligible.

Are there any Scholarship Opportunities?

There are lots of other opportunities for all Afghan Students to apply for it and Study abroad and make his and their career