US Refugee Admissions Program Priority 2 Designation for Afghan National 2021

The announcement by the US Embassy in Afghanistan, the Department of State is announcing the designation Priority 2 (P-2) to grant the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).

Because of increased New Govornoment violence in Afghanistan, for some Afghans, including those who have worked with the United States, the US government is offering refugee resettlement in the United States. This program offers continuous relocation in the USA for many thousands of Afghans and their immediate members of their families who may be exposed to risk as a consequence of their US affiliation but who are not entitled to Special Immigrant VIA (SIV) as a consequence of their not qualifying or meeting SIV-time.

This program is not applied to all Afghans who leave right now in Afghanistan it’s a special program for Afghans who work whit and help the US Government.

Please if you are eligible for the US Refugee Admissions Program, apply for it otherwise you are not eligible for the program.

Here comes a question in your mind than who is eligible for the USRAP (P-2) program?

Here are the eligibility criteria for the program and who can apply

  • Who works or has worked as
    • Contracting employees
    • local staff
    • US government interpreters/traductors
    • US Forces Afghanistan. ISAF, or
    • Resolute Support.
    • International Security Assistance Force.
  • or the persone worked on Funded program or project in Afghanistan support through US government grant or cooperative agreement or Samiler programs
  • or the persone worked whit one of U.S.-based media organization or non-governmental organization

Similar Program

This program also supports the person and his/her family, Children, wife at any age there are not mentioned age are any other.

Ok you are not eligible for the above program (P-2) program you can be eligible in another program like (P-1) program

This program has three categories you can be one of them,

  1. Embassy, NGO or UNHCR
  2. Department of state
  3. Reunification with family members already in the US

How to Apply for US Refugee Admissions Program Priority 2 Designation for Afghan?

Please visit the official website for more information and read more about the eligibility on the US embassy website

Or for more information, you can also use this Email address that is mentioned on the official website [email protected]

For further information, please contact [email protected] and visit