Afghan citizens’ resettlement scheme by the United Kingdom 2021

The Home Office of United Kindom has announced it will launch a full Afghan citizens’ resettlement scheme for the year 2021.

The Home Office is committed to protecting vulnerable Afghan people. The resettlement scheme for Afghans will welcome in their first year up to 5,000 vulnerable Afghans into the UK, with a total of 20,000 on a permanent basis or the long term.

Note: The scheme remains unopened. More information is announced as soon as possible. Don’t make updates by telephone or email when the scheme begins. The program is not open right now please don’t ask or Email when the program will open or smaller, we keep the information update daily if the announced registration date or how to apply for the program will be updating this page, you can at each time visit our website and see the update or we attach the official website at the end of this article you can check it at each time.

Non-British nationals


Afghans who have supported British efforts for Afghanistan, such as interpreters, and other staff, are subject to the Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy (ARAP). Details of ARAP or read more information on the official website ob your eligible are not, Read more


The United Kingdom continues to work expeditiously as part of its evacuation efforts to support other serious risks in Afghanistan, including:

  1. current or former Chevening Scholars
  2. people with existing leave or an open application for student, work, and family visas
  3. journalists and those who worked with British news agencies
  4. members of civil society groups for womens’ rights
  5. Afghan government officials
  6. officials working in counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics
  7. employees of charities, humanitarian organisations and NGOs

If you are a non-British national in Afghanistan and need assistance, you should contact +44 (0)24-7538 9980 or you are a family member of a non-British national.

What you need to Apply?

  1. your full name as printed on your travel document / identity card or passport
  2. your date of birth


  1. You should also provide this information for dependents or immediate family members such as your wife and kids.
  2. Please ensure that you have the same information as requested above, if you call on behalf of any individual or individual in Afghanistan.

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Note: To request updates, please don’t call this number. Call lines may be busy, but they will respond to you as soon as possible to your call.

How to Apply

This is only information on how to apply or what do you need, it does not offer advice on eligibility for the entire relocation scheme for Afghan citizens and is not intended to register interest in the scheme. Please check back for updated scheme details on the Afghan citizen’s resettlement page by clicking the check Now button

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