How to detect phishing attacks on Facebook

One of the most common ways of phishing attacks is emails that users receive with the name and address of their accounts on social networks such as Facebook. In this article, we will discuss how to tell if it’s really from Facebook if you received an email with your Facebook address and logo.

Usually in phishing emails, you will see a logo and an email address similar to the address of the same social network, and your account username will also be mentioned. It also includes a link that encourages you, for example, to change your account password. You may click on the malicious link and enter your account details. In this case, everything looks like Facebook, but in reality it is not, and it is a fake link and a way to find your account profile and hack it.

Facebook has a feature for you that you can check to see if the email you received in the name of Facebook is really from Facebook. To do this, go to:

settings> Security and Login> Advanced

Then click on See recent emails from Facebook and see if the email you received is on this list or not, if there is one you can safely click on the link and if not, make sure you are the target of a phishing attack.

We recommend that if you receive an email from Facebook, go to Facebook settings and check it before opening it and clicking on its links.

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