Introducing the online courses of khan academy site to strengthen the resume

Today, the advancement of technology and people’s interest in learning scientific topics online and on the other hand, the need to learn skills has provided this platform for many sites and institutions to offer their training online, thereby learning and raising the scientific level. And help people with skills. Khan Academy’s website is one of these platforms. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that offers free courses to people around the world. The main goal of this organization is to “provide educational facilities with high quality and standard, to anyone and everywhere.” There are thousands of educational videos in various fields such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, history, medicine, etc. on this site that have been made available to the public for free. Khan Academy has attracted millions of people from all over the world to its classes and is changing the teaching method in many schools. This site has revolutionized the concept and technology of education.

If you are one of those people who like to learn something new every day, the “Khan Academy” application will surely keep you satisfied. This application allows you to learn various academic sciences and skills using simple video tutorials. For more information about Khan Academy and its facilities, do not miss reading this article.

Khan Academy was founded in 2008 by Salman Khan, a Bangladeshi teacher, and graduate of Harvard University. He received three degrees from MIT in mathematics, electrical engineering, and computer science, and decided to establish the institute after completing his MBA at Harvard University.

Khan Academy educational site is one of the most visited and useful sites for students around the world. The institute started with teaching mathematics to high school students and now covers all levels of education. It also offers the level of adults and other people. The site now offers more than 3,000 free instructional videos in a variety of fields including math, economics, history, and computer science.

Who is the audience of Khan Academy website?

The main and important audience of Khan Academy is students and teachers. In addition to teaching with its facilities, this site also follows the academic progress and sports talents of students. On this site, it is also possible for teachers and parents to control and monitor the progress of their students.

Khan Academy’s tutorials are available as videos on YouTube and include courses in math, history, health, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, cosmology, social studies, art history, economics, music, and science. They become computers.

It should be noted that Khan Academy offers quality training for university entrance exams and university courses. And has recently started to get acquainted with useful job skills and occupations, which is considered an effective action.

Features of Khan Academy trainings

Khan Academy is a useful and attractive site that allows educators to connect with their audiences around the world for free and to teach them online. Khan Academy covers many branches of science including mathematics, medicine, economics, art, computer science, etc. The teachings are a combination of video, text, and practice. All educational videos have English subtitles and can be downloaded. Many Khan Academy videos have been prepared with Persian subtitles and are available on its website. Khan Academy’s educational materials have been translated into other languages ​​by participants and volunteers, including Persian. If you click on the Course option, you will see an extensive list of courses. Also, some courses such as math and language of art are divided into each school and high school course, respectively. These free lessons are available through YouTube OpenCourseWare video clips on the Khan Academy website at In addition to the selection of learning videos in the website viewing section, there is also a practice section that allows students to select areas of learning, and they can select areas of practice and thus learn Address your favorite topic. One of the benefits of learning at Khan Academy’s site is that video tutorials are provided. Instead of looking at the teacher’s faces, the videos are presented in the form of a conversation, so that the student receives step-by-step instructions with doodles.

Most of Khan Academy’s training has practice and testing. Recently, Khan Academy has continued its mastery-based teaching method in many courses, which helps by mastering the student’s academic level and providing exercises appropriate to his / her academic level and skills in mastering the course.

Khan Academy application

This site has provided an application that teaches children the alphabet, mathematics, art, and creativity in the form of animations and fun games. Khan Academy has provided a good application for both Android and iOS operating systems, which can also be compatible with the web version. The Khan Academy app has been completely redesigned for the iPad, and everything on the Khan Academy website is available here, too, and includes more than 150,000 workouts. Another feature is the design of the Khan Academy application based on speed and is the fastest way to access the content. While in the previous version access to the content took up to seven steps, now it has reached two steps. Another feature designed specifically for the iPad is handwriting recognition. Using the Scratchpad feature, you can take notes and solve math problems, and when you get the right answer, the application itself will recognize your answer.

How to participate in Khan Academy courses

When entering the Khan Academy site or application, depending on your choice whether you are a student or a teacher, or a parent, you will be given different possibilities. Then, if you have a Google or Apple account, you can easily register on the site, and if you do not have any of these accounts, you can create an account on the Khan Academy site with an email. Once you have chosen your degree and the topics you are interested in learning, your education will begin and you will be able to follow and follow the process of learning and your academic progress.

Does the Khan Academy website offer a certificate of completion?

Khan Academy is a source of educational assistance and is in no way a substitute for basic education at university and school. Of course, in short-term skill-based courses such as the Hour of Code, certificates are offered to students, but in general, the Khan Academy website does not have a certificate at the end of the course.

In regular courses, it is not possible to talk to professors, but at the bottom of the video page, there is a conversation area where you can ask your questions.

What should we observe about learning on Khan Academy website?

  • Since the contents are free, you will have the opportunity to first get acquainted with the content of the courses and then select and follow the training that suits you.
  • Avoid scattered tutorials and multi-topic learning, as this will prevent you from mastering important content.
  • Solve the exercises designed for you by the Khan Academy team and provided to you with full attention.
  • If you deviate from the course, review the previous topics
  • Simple and beautiful design and appropriate facilities of the site, teaching the topics in an abstract and comprehensible manner and having a standard in the visual presentation and scientific quality of the trainings are the good features of this site that you can use in the best way.
  • Khan Academy has a lot of effort in teaching basic skills and the share of skill-based courses is low
  • Khan Academy provides an opportunity to model the new teaching methods of the exam and their practical results, then make full use of these methods.

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