Hungarian Full Fund Government Scholarship for all academic | 2022-2023

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Opportunity Description

Hungarian Full Fund State Scholarship for 2022-2023

As in previous years, the Hungarian government has announced a number of full-funded scholarships for those interested in studying for free in Hungary for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, as follows: The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage universities and higher education institutions in Hungary to attract elite students from different countries.

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme

The Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program was established by the Hungarian Government to promote the internationalization of Hungarian higher education and to attract top foreign students from all around the world who can establish personal and professional attachments to Hungary while enjoying high-quality education in the heart of Europe.

While studying in Hungary, the students will also enjoy affordable living costs with a great benefit-cost ratio, a safe and friendly living environment with convenient public transport, a vibrant cultural life, and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. When the graduates return to their home countries with marketable skills and knowledge, they can build civil, political, and economic relationships, contributing to Hungary’s image and recognition abroad.


  • Scholarship Name: Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship
  • Granting country: Hungary
  • University Place of Study: 29 Universities
  • Scholarship Level: Bachelor (except Iran) | Masters | Doctorate
  • Deadline: 10.01.2022

Fields of study: More than 600 fields of study 

  • medical
  • Dental
  • Pharmacology
  • Midwifery
  • Nursing
  • Art and music
  • foreign languages
  • Engineering disciplines
  • Humanities
  • Basic sciences and more view the list

Required Documents:

  • Translation of the latest degree
  • Translate transcripts
  • Cover letter
  • Recommendations
  • Proposal (for Ph.D.)
  • English language certificate
  • Medical certificate of physical health (file download)
  • Nomination of the candidate by the applicant country (Ministry of Science and Health)
  • passport copy
  • Fill out the online registration form

Accepted countries: Applicants from contracting countries including Iran and Iraq (not Afghanistan)


  • Full coverage of university tuition
  • A monthly stipend of around € 120 for undergraduate students
  • A monthly stipend of around € 120 for postgraduate students
  • A monthly stipend of around € 500 for Ph.D. students
  • Free accommodation
  • Free health insurance

How to Apply

To register for this scholarship, you must first contact the representative of Iran in the Hungarian government scholarship, Dr. Haddad, and then register through the government scholarship site, the link to which is attached at the end of this post.

Contact information of the Iranian representative in the Hungarian government scholarship

  • Name of responsible person: Dr. Mohammad Ali Haddad
  • E-mail address: [email protected]
  • Telephone: +98 35 31234055

Tips to keep in mind when applying for a Hungarian scholarship

  • Obviously, no application will be processed after the deadline.
    It should be noted that this registration is the initial registration and the final evaluation and confirmation of admission will be announced later.
  • Applicants are selected based on their academic record, English language score, other academic competencies, as well as the evaluation of the host university interview.
  • According to the general policies of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, as well as amending Article 35 of the Education Exemption of the Islamic Consultative Assembly dated 11/06/2017 regarding diploma applicants to continue their studies at universities are limited to domestic universities. Therefore, foreign government scholarships do not include undergraduate and general medical courses.
  • In the new academic year, it will not be possible to apply for leave to register even for (one or two semesters).
  • The preliminary review committee, consisting of relevant institutions, introduces the initial qualified applicants to the Central Council of the Exchange for the final decision.
  • Students who are admitted to use foreign government scholarships to serve in the country after graduation on time equal to the time they have studied abroad, after completing their studies on time, with the notarized commitment and guarantee that they submit to the Legal Office of the Student Affairs Organization.
  • The applicant is responsible for any discrepancies in the information and documents, such as the required grade point average and others, and if the violation is proven, the qualification of the candidate will be revoked at any stage of admission.
  • Applying for a state exchange will not be considered any right for the applicant.
    The maximum age for postgraduate and doctoral applicants is 30 years at the time of recall.
  • If selected, the applicant will not be granted any benefits or privileges other than those declared by the recipient of the State Exchange.
  • Have a diploma, bachelor’s, master’s degree approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology with a minimum grade point average of 15 and 17 for undergraduate and graduate courses for non-medical disciplines, respectively.
  • Have a diploma, bachelor’s, master’s degree approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education with a minimum grade point average of 16 and 18 for undergraduate and graduate courses, respectively, for medical disciplines.
  • It is possible to use foreign government scholarships only once during the study period of each person.

Dear applicants, you must first register and upload your documents in the system introduced by the Hungarian official website.

Apply Link:


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